nd of deceptive methods the Duke Cecil used to deceive people’s hearts.”

A middle-aged priest beside the old man couldn’t help shook his head: “I’m afraid the people in the city even They don’t know the news of the war. If they knew what an army was coming towards their city, they would have long since escaped.”
“With deception and deceit, this is in line with the Duke’s sheltering heresy. “The old man said with a gentle 南京桑拿会所 expression,” presumably those sinners who have violated the Lord’s will and believe in heretical gods are hiding in the city now. Come with me. It’s time for those heretics to recognize the reality and realize Even if you flee to the south, hiding in a Cecil city will not escape the Lord’s punishment.” As the
old man said, he stepped out of the forest, and behind him, one after another, heavily armed figures Walked out of their hidden place.
Those were a total of twelve knights of the Holy See with the power of the Holy Light surging on them. They were wearing sacred enchanted armors made of fine gold and light cast iron. The armors were also covered with pale golden cloaks embroidered with the Holy Light Proverbs, in their hands. The enchanted long sword is filled with the power of primitive and pure holy light. Even the horse under the crotch is covered with armor made of the highest quality stainless steel. Every knight here has high-level strength. They are experienced and 南京龙凤网 skillful in cooperation. Coupled with their luxurious equipment, even in the face of a legend, they can last long enough!
These are the powers that the Holy Light Church is most proud of. It is the confidence that this “healing” church that believes in the Holy Light and is dominated by pastors can become the strongest church in Anzu. The powerful knights of the Holy See have the power of the Holy Light. Li, they are also skilled fighters with strong bodies. They use special methods to promote the power of the light, usually by hacking to death those who do not believe in the lig