ked up the wine on the table and poured Jiang Hao a glass, gave it with both hands, and then poured another glass with iron fist. He was beaten with iron fist every day. This guy has developed into a sordid physique. Jiang Hao suspects that these two people have formed a natural CP. , The kind of wonderful perfect match version.

“I’m just wondering who owns this place.” Jiang Hao took a sip of his wine, looked at the person in charge and said with a smile.
The person in charge has never seen an arrogant person like Jiang Hao. He doesn’t know if he is ignorant or fearless, or simply a neurosis. Does he not 南京桑拿会所 know that all the surviving industries in Gotham City have family support behind them?
“I tell you, this is Mr. Oswald Chesterfield Copper’s property.” The person in charge said viciously.
After he said this, he waited for Jiang Hao to show a look of fear and fear, but things did not go as he intended, Jiang Hao still had a calm expression, even a smile.
Although the name is long, Jiang Hao knows who it is, that is, the famous Penguin, the head of the Kobot family, the four major families of Gotham.
“Then do you know who I am?” Jiang Hao asked while looking at the person in charge.
“Who are you?”
Seeing Jiang Hao heard Mr. Copper’s name, he was not surprised and afraid, and the person in charge became a little serious.
A smile appeared at the corner of Jiang Hao’s mouth, and his voice softly said,
“I~ call~ small~ ugly!”
Brush~! 南京桑拿论坛
The music in the bar stopped, and the noisy discussion disappeared. Everyone looked at Jiang Hao in a daze. No one dared to speak, and the inside of the bar became audible.
It’s all because of one name.
In Gotham, the clown is synonymous with fear, and no one can surpass it.
Jiang Hao’s words calmed everyone present, and some even tried to control their breathing without making a sound.
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Chapter 1595: The strong returning man
Iron Fist and Uselessness Seeing the boss’s words shocked everyone, a kind of prid