d nodded happily: “Then no matter what happens, you can’t forget me, you must always be loyal to me.”

” Yes .” Ren Suo nodded and smiled. “Will you be reluctant? You keep saying’mine is mine’, although the silver moon crystal has become your cage, but”
Luna shook her head: “It doesn’t matter.”
“Because of me It’s not nothing anymore.”
Luna and the clone’s tight hands suddenly glowed, and then the whole world stopped-the petals were fixed in the air, the sun was frozen in the air, the clouds did not move, and the ripples of the 南京品茶网 lake stopped abruptly.
“Ren Suo, pay attention, I use the power of the silver moon to protect you, you hold’I’ to find the dream fragment that has not been completely distorted, and then leave the dark side of the moon!”
The entire sky suddenly collapsed, and Ren Suo looked up and saw the twisted vortex in the dark side of the moon outside the Silver Moon Crystal. The buildings of the Moon Night Market had completely turned into a painting, which was turned into a colorful painting in the night sky.
In the next second, the collapsed part of the Silver Moon Crystal was restored as before, and the sky appeared again.
Ren Suo turned his head and saw Luna let go of the doppelganger’s hand and leaned on him softly.
The hair color and pupil color of the clone turned into pure white, and they looked at them with indifferent and calm eyes, 南京水磨会所 just like real moon chanters.
:. :
Chapter 627 It’s time to settle accounts [Second more]
Looking at this elegant moon chanter, Ren Suo’s pupils shrank suddenly, protecting Luna behind him.
He forgot one thing.
The 南京炮网 Silver Moon Crystal also has the ability to affect people’s hearts. Now Luna has transferred all the power of the Silver Moon Crystal to the clone, and the clone is obviously assimilated into an albino patient by the silver moon crystal,
in case the clone becomes a moon chanter. Later, the pig belly was suddenly turned over and it was shit, which represented the moon to destroy them. Then Ren Suo really didn’t c