ers in the giant tree of Thorin, since it will not occupy existing technology. The cost of the team and facilities, it’s okay to let her try, or it’s a bit ugly.”

Heidi took down Gawain’s instructions and put away the files with a vague expression, feeling that the ancestors might not be able to pass this hurdle
At this moment, the magic net terminal next 南京炮网 to the desk suddenly rang and flashed, finally interrupting the chattering circling in Gawain’s mind. The latter quickly awoke from the impact of the technical documents and quickly sorted it out. After a good expression, I connected to the Mowang terminal.
The terminal made a slight buzzing sound, and then a clear holographic projection appeared above. Yuri’s figure appeared in the projection. He saluted Gao Wen with a serious expression on his face: “Your Majesty, we are analyzing Malm ·Dunit found something in the process of the fragments of the spiritual body, and I think it is necessary to report it to you.”
“Are you on Naritil’s side?” Gawain blinked, his expression quickly becoming serious, “What did you find? ? ”
Yuri nodded, and immediately began to report themselves and clues Magnum, Narui Tire, who has just discovered,南京水磨会所 Gawain then listened intently behind the desk – with continued reports of Yuri, his expression Become more serious.
On the northwestern border of Typhon, in the front line of Winter Wolf, the air is still filled with a pungent smell, and the waste energy generated after the release of large-scale spells is hovering between the plains and river valleys.
A heavy snow a few days ago briefly covered this hot battlefield, burying the land destroyed and burned by artillery fire and magical explosions. However, in the face of the fire of war, the comfort of nature was torn after all. There was a lot of rags–the war machine made of steel and the zealous soldiers had no one to accept this winter snow scene. After a high-intensity battle, another piece of land was burned to the ground.
The Cecils retreated te