reat Wall, right?”

You Jian raised his eyebrows slightly: “How do you know?”
“In Ren Neisser’s video, he had already said it when he was fighting against the Federation powerhouse!” Tang Yihan, who had recovered, wiped his tears and regained his vivacious temper. “And you and I also recognize, the illegitimate meal of the messenger, the super idiot who chased into the sea and called someone else’s wife, right!?”
You Jian’s forehead rose up-this is the first few times he has been caught today. Shouting a fool?
“But she is my queen”
“The bastard meal is terrifying.” Tang Yihan trembled, hid behind the endless monk, and looked at You Jian with contempt.
At this time, Ren Qingqing suddenly lowered her head and said, “Well, can you go and kill the driver?”南京品茶网
“He didn’t harm the two of us. He knew that he would definitely be wanted and would be pursued by the countermeasures bureau.
I feel that the driver. The psychology is very abnormal, he will certainly not repent of this, let
alone arrest .
I think he will definitely take the last chance to commit a crime again. If he doesn’t catch him right away, more victims may appear!” Ren Qingqing raised his head. , Looked at the pupils in the slit of Mr. Chuan’s bandage carefully: “I know that this matter may not be yours, but the driver is very strong, and he shouldn’t have escaped far.
If you follow the program to hunt down, there may be more accidents! Normal! Man is not his opponent at all, and he can’t even escape, he can only be ravaged!
I know, as a student of Tianjing Academy, I failed to take the criminals by myself, and I have to ask you to hunt down the criminals. I feel that I am It was embarrassing, as if Ren
but I really can’t it. I don’t want to hurt other innocent people because of my mistakes.”
Qingqing was talking about being generous to others, her waist was bent down, and her forehead was about to touch the ground. 南京桑拿论坛Tang Yihan hurriedly came over to help her and said, “It’s not about Xiaoqing, it’s obviously the