a few others who haven’t arrived in the Hedao Realm. I haven’t summoned me to the Necro Realm!”

“Look. Everyone, I feel much better.” Su Yu laughed and said: “This Upper Realm, I saw that there are many different races and many kings, and I was originally stressed. Now I look at my Yuhuang Mansion and my strength is not weak! ” beneath, […]

aggie, and how healthy dragons like Merita looked at Maggie, and wanted to know why there were dragons living in them. Human society, but he knows that this is not the time to ask about these things.

He waved away the unrelated personnel at the scene, leaving only himself and the two dragons. Gao Wen pointed 南京水磨会所 to Maggie who was standing next to her: “She, who is also a dragon, should be able to listen to our conversation here, right?” “Yes,” […]


Hu Xinyue didn’t look at the gold and silver, and made a few handprints against the wall, only to see the wall rippling, Hu Xinyue grabbed Jiang Hao’s hand and got into the wall at once. After entering, Jiang Hao discovered that there is something […]

d, “The centipede essence is a six-winged sky centipede. It is considered to be an ancient alien monster. It is good at flying poisonous and has a hard armor. Its defense is extremely strong. It has passed the three calamities, and its strength is very impressive. There are also various magic weapons.”

“I came here more than ten years ago to occupy the mountain as the queen, everywhere to subdue the surrounding monsters. Now it is the largest force 南京水磨会所 with a radius of thousands of miles. There are eight Jindan strength monsters under him, known as […]


Jiang Hao now has more than 60 direct subordinates, and these are all loyal to Jiang Hao, not even the Tunisians from Adi in Tunisia. During this time, Luca went to Tunisia again, very smoothly, did not 南京桑拿会所 meet the Italian navy, there were German […]

action inspector yelled, and dozens of serious crime team members armed with weapons quickly pounced on the scene, and immediately knocked down a dozen bodyguards in suits holding pistols and unloaded their weapons.

These Ding’s bodyguard gunners naturally did not dare to resist the police, even if they resisted, there was no chance of winning. They obediently gave away their weapons and gave up resistance. Zhuangshi Kai is looking at “five crab”, who smiled and said:. “Ding crab […]

rashing next to him, the alien walked over step by step, and saw a human being taking a bath.

This is a corporate bathhouse for workers to take a bath. The worker was applying bath liquid while blowing a whistle. He suddenly felt movement behind him and turned his head and took a look. Just this glance made the man extremely terrified, because he […]

tions against both sides. Both parties used the upper-level relationship to suppress the Metropolitan Police Department. They are all waiting for the two sides to spell out a result.

There was a “bang” gunshot. A bullet passed 南京水磨会所 through Ben Saburo’s head, and the gunman was chopped over with a knife, but Watanabe Saburo also fell to the ground. With the death of Saburo Watanabe, it was announced that the dispute had come to […]