mbarrassment: “It was only 20 minutes at the beginning, a little more a few times later, and the last time it was almost half an hour.”

Bai Feng didn’t say a word. At this moment, he is thinking about life. Is there something wrong with the debris room? Half an hour No, how many times did this kid enter yesterday? Bai 南京419论坛 Feng’s heart was shocked! The first time is only […]

mbarrassed to put the doll next to Chen Ge, and then bowed her head and drank. They got up with a drink. The two sat close together, and time passed by unconsciously. They made dolls and keychains, went to dinner together, and did a lot of things they wanted to do. Night fell, The rain gradually increased. There were not many pedestrians on the road, and Chen Ge and Zhang Ya were holding an umbrella. At first Zhang Ya just grabbed Chen Ge’s arm, and slowly, she leaned against Chen Ge’s side. Shall I take you home? “Should you stop going forward.” The raindrops slid down the leaves and umbrellas, and the water on the roadside reflected the neon lights at the intersection. Chen Ge and Zhang Ya were walking on the sidewalks of the old street. “Chen Ge” “What’s wrong?” “In fact, since meeting you, I have dreamed every night. “Zhang Ya leaned against Chen Ge: “It’s a terrifying dream. I always dream that my parents were killed in a car accident and I fell in a pool of blood. I always dream of myself wearing a blood coat and wandering in a hospital. I also dreamt that this world is a city full of dead people, and you are the only ghost in the city with warmth. ” , Even if ten costs are exhausted, only one percent of her beauty can be restored. “Singer Chen’s soft clay doll has slowly taken shape. Wearing a red dress and holding a love letter, this beautiful woman is Zhang Ya. The owner feels that there is a sweetness in the air, and she is very interesting. Before leaving, he presented Chen Ge and Zhang Ya with two drinks. “Zhang Ya, this is for you. “When Chen Ge was making the doll, his hands seemed to be awakened from a certain muscle memory, and the small soft clay doll seemed to have come alive, truly restoring the thrilling beauty of Zhang Ya. “Really. ! “Zhang Ya looked at the doll very happily, and carefully placed it in front of her, but after watching it for a while, she became annoyed again: “I also want to make one for you!” “Half an hour later, Zhang Ya picked out a slightly visible Chen Ge do

I may have hoped to merge or clear the way before, but I have not been able to complete it. Actually, it’s not. It’s too right, do you know?”

Su Yu said strangely: “It’s not right?” Wan Tiansheng nodded: “It’s wrong! You said, if I don’t realize anything at the beginning, it’s fine. 南京龙凤网 In fact, Liu Hong said that gods are rules. At that time, I had a lot of insights. I think […]


Is the last prayer of this old boy making trouble? ! But it was the last part of the other party’s almost nonsense prayer that was placed on normal believers and had been wiped out by his own God seventy to eighty times, which completely […]

n the western region. On the surface, they obey the new church center, but in fact they have been doing little things. a lot. ” “

it’s part of the work on to me, “after a brief pondered, Veronica nodded and said,” you were with the Protestant Reformation, which is the content of my contract and Gawain Cecil. ” Wright will be determined Looking at Veronica, she was silent for a […]