ck. It slowly tortures the victim by enticing the victim’s own fear, leaving the victim on the verge of collapse for a long time. In this state, the subject is likely to be driven mad or do something extremely irrational.

“Don’t do anything stupid!” Chen Ge rushed into the corridor and pressed the elevator, but the elevator stopped on the 13th floor and couldn’t get down. He had no choice but to climb the stairs. After 南京龙凤论坛 completing so many tasks released by the black […]

ore than a dozen intermediate researchers, several senior researchers will return, and then the battles in the battlefield of the heavens will decrease, and these people will teach in the academy! And in our academy, there are very few civilized teachers. Very few, it can be said that there is a formal researcher for 10 people!”

“The Daxia Civilization Institute, I admit, they are very strong in this area, but there are many students, graduated, not graduated, and pensioners, totaling tens of thousands. People are not vacated!” Old Xie said seriously: “The number of researchers in their institution still teaching, less […]

void, glanced at him, ignored him, looked at the blood crocodile over there and said: “Your mission, block this mountain, no one is allowed to enter! Especially no people inside are allowed to escape from one person. ! Even if the mountains and seas break through, I have to be entangled, seven or eight Lingyun, entangled a mountain and sea for a moment, there is no problem”

One-eyed coldly said: “Let anyone go, you think you can escape the chase of several 南京品茶网 mountains and seas, Then try it!” After that, looking at Zhou Pingsheng, You Leng said: “Your task is to block the sound transmission channel. It is not enough to […]

mbarrassment: “It was only 20 minutes at the beginning, a little more a few times later, and the last time it was almost half an hour.”

Bai Feng didn’t say a word. At this moment, he is thinking about life. Is there something wrong with the debris room? Half an hour No, how many times did this kid enter yesterday? Bai 南京419论坛 Feng’s heart was shocked! The first time is only […]


Yu Hong took a look at the sound transmission note, frowned and said, “Over there, let us join together and act together, otherwise we won’t cooperate!” Lao Zheng frowned, “Is this wrong? Yu Ge, now he is extremely risky. Once the confluence is discovered, we […]

t after the two bandits heard the name of Fort 178, they were not afraid that Zhang Xiaoman would regret it afterwards.

393. The Amazing Soldiers on the Battlefield What makes Ren Xiaosu even more surprised is that he originally thought that these two bandits would rape and skid, but the two bandits also took the initiative to point out some wrong mapping on the map. Surveying […]

-called righteousness! Ridiculous remarks There is such a group of people in the Ten Thousand Clan Religion. They are extremely ridiculous. They did not pay anything. They kept asking the universities, including the big ones, to disclose all the secrets, all the tactics, all the martial arts and even the sharing of resources.”

Bai Feng sneered: ” They don’t even think about it. What did they give? A group of ignorant guys also followed up. Why do others have them, but we don’t?” Su Yu scratched his head and said dryly: “Master, we are in this line.” Bai […]