y, Ming Academy is not divided into several years, and the full degree is less than 20, so you can’t observe Qianjun’s original student as a junior class.

” From 20 to 50, you can observe the original of the Qianjun realm, which is an intermediate class.” “Above 50, that is, the stage of nurturing, at this time, it is an advanced class.” “Tengkong, even if you graduate, of course, not everyone can […]

few people chatted about gossip, but they were all in the airspace, and the students below couldn’t escape their eyes during the assessment.

The next moment, the commander of the Suppression Demon Army jumped up, appeared in front of a student in an instant, raised him and threw him out. “Cheating, throw it out, record it, every university will not be admitted for the rest of your life!” […]

aggie, and how healthy dragons like Merita looked at Maggie, and wanted to know why there were dragons living in them. Human society, but he knows that this is not the time to ask about these things.

He waved away the unrelated personnel at the scene, leaving only himself and the two dragons. Gao Wen pointed 南京水磨会所 to Maggie who was standing next to her: “She, who is also a dragon, should be able to listen to our conversation here, right?” “Yes,” […]

words. She swallowed abruptly, she was extremely disturbed and confused. She didn’t know what was going on just now, but she soon recalled it–this is a warning from the depths of the soul, that she is “the choice of the dark night”. His power is reminding her to avoid deadly danger.

In the past few decades of life, such warnings have only appeared in extremely rare 南京龙凤论坛 circumstances, but the facts later proved that every warning has never gone wrong-this is a little secret of her, and she firmly believes that I was one of the […]


Hu Xinyue didn’t look at the gold and silver, and made a few handprints against the wall, only to see the wall rippling, Hu Xinyue grabbed Jiang Hao’s hand and got into the wall at once. After entering, Jiang Hao discovered that there is something […]

d, “The centipede essence is a six-winged sky centipede. It is considered to be an ancient alien monster. It is good at flying poisonous and has a hard armor. Its defense is extremely strong. It has passed the three calamities, and its strength is very impressive. There are also various magic weapons.”

“I came here more than ten years ago to occupy the mountain as the queen, everywhere to subdue the surrounding monsters. Now it is the largest force 南京水磨会所 with a radius of thousands of miles. There are eight Jindan strength monsters under him, known as […]